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What is happiness if passion didn’t get you there?

A simple young lady growing up on a speck. Decided to pursue my passion in creative expression; through writing and art.

I hope to touch on numerous subjects that fascinate me. They may include the simple things, the complicated things, the happy things, the sad things, the beautiful things and the ugly things.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the ride and get to know me better on the way.

(As there isn’t a possibility you would through a small introduction paragraph anyway)


Surrounded by Sun, Sand and Sea at the southern tip of Asia lays a miniature island the size of a teardrop when scaled on a map. (Yes, this includes Google maps as well). We may not be world renown, or even in existence to many around the globe, however that does not change the fact that we are a paradise island; also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


If you have not already browsed through a few of the articles in this site then you may be in for a surprise. Sticking to a subject is not my style, and conforming isn’t either - I won’t lie. But I will say this; you will see the world through my eyes, and perhaps from time to time see them through someone else’s spectacles that have been placed on the bridge of my nose. Either way, I hope you enjoy my pen downs, and excuse me if I have offended any.


Happiness. It’s as simple as that. I have watched people get consumed by what they believed to be their purpose – which is to bring in the green and be stable and secure. I don’t agree with that. The choice is always yours. What is happiness if passion didn’t get you there?

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